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Allow Us To Help Take You There.

At Resurgence Healthcare Solutions, we work tirelessly to find the right travel nursing job for you, wherever, whenever you want to work. We understand the stresses that go into new assignments, and our focus is to simplify things for you throughout your time with us. Regardless of where your next contract assignment unfolds, our team of dedicated staff will always be available to provide swift and reliable assistance. bottom line: We’re here to support you! 

From RNs and LPNs, to CSTs, ICU, ER nurses and more, we believe that each medical professional deserves the opportunity to control his or her own career path and financial destiny. Resurgence Healthcare Solutions provides that very platform. We understand the importance of professional satisfaction, achieved through growth, opportunity, and the new experiences that keep our careers fresh and exciting. That’s precisely why we make it our mission to pair each traveler with an assignment that best suits them, while promising unparalleled support throughout the process. –


So, whether you are beginning a new chapter in your career, looking to improve your earning ability, or simply looking to increase your knowledge through experience abroad, Resurgence Healthcare Solutions has you covered! As a member of our team, you get opportunities to more jobs in amazing locations across the country. From large teaching hospitals to small rural facilities, and everything in between, it's our job to find the right fit for you. You ready? Check out our job openings below, and let's get to work!

The Resurgence Healthcare Solutions' Perks:

A Paycheck that reflects your value

  • We understand the value of a good paycheck, and we know the value that you bring to us, and the healthcare industry! So we're committed to ensuring each paycheck reflects the value that you bring to our company, along with the client facility that you're serving. 

  • Your money will be directly deposited on a weekly basis, on time every time. 


  • In addition to any bonuses that our client facilities offer, we provide our own as well! Resurgence Healthcare Solutions offers fantastic completion bonuses, employee referral bonuses, "Top Performer" bonuses and more!

Hassle-Free Housing Assistance

  • If you're a travel pro and you've got everything covered for your housing needs, sweet! We're happy to provide you with a housing allowance to meet your needs. If you're new to the travel game, or unfamiliar with a specific location, we'll work alongside you to help find comfortable accommodations, making the transition stress-free and seamless. 

Licensure Reimbursements

  • Resurgence Healthcare Solutions will pay for your licensure as required for each assignment, along with assisting you with every aspect of the credentialing and licensure process. RHS recruiters track and manage the requirements for each role to remove the hassle of compliance entities. Bottom line– if we have a job that requires a license you don’t have, we’ll pay for you to get it.

Continuing Education Credits

  • Professional growth through education is critical at Resurgence Healthcare Solutions. We encourage all of our travelers to stay up to date in all areas of patient care and specialty fields through our free Continuing Education Unit (CEU) pogram. 

An Incredible Support Team

  • At the end of the day, if you're successful, we're successful. So, our job is provide everything you need in order to accomplish success for you, and positive results for our clients. That’s why our team is available to you at every step of the way, any time of the day, to ensure that you get the most out of every assignment. 

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